Friday, 26 October 2007

Where did October go????

Who stole October! It's almost the end of the month. Which is good and bad. Good because it means my birthday is nearer but BAD because it means the year is nearly over and our holiday, feels like just a distant memory!

Speaking of holiday I finally ordered some of the pictures, only 500 of them!!!! Only scrapped one of them so far. There are too many to pick from, it hurts my head to try and decide where to start.

I've had a busy week, spent two days on a training course so I'm totally confused about which day of the week it is?!?!? Monday seems like such a long time ago.

I must confess I have a new addiction, well border line obession! (well not really new just refreshed!) Mr Nikki Sixx!!! He's just simply amazing! How gorgeous is this photo :wub:

Having read his new book "The Herion Diaries" on holiday, which shows a realistic side of addiction and depression, you see a "celebrity" in a new light. It's quite a bold step for someone in the public eye to be so open about what they had done with regards to drugs and alcohol. But it also highlights that he is able to come through it and he's trying to put that to positive use by supporting a charity in LA for young, homeless kids.

Plus he's not to rough on the eyes either LOL

I've not done that much scrapping lately, did do some of the UKS cyber crop. Made a really nice birthday book and my very first card. Even did some stitching of paper using my sewing machine. Kinda given me inspiration to make my own christmas cards this year. So if I can find the time I'll probably give that a go!

Going to Crafts for Scotland at the SECC on Sunday so I might try and get some fab christmas papers there and see what I can come up with.