Saturday, 28 July 2007

It's been a busy, busy week

I've had two nights out this week, only worked 3 days cos I had Monday and Friday off. Work is mad, sooooo many things going on. Been to see the new Harry Potter film today. Quite good but there was a lot of the story missing I though. Bought the new book last weekend and I'm still only at page 20! Haven't had time to read this week, it's been crazy.

Just under 6 weeks till we go to Orlando, yippee!!!!!! Can't wait, I'm on a strict budget til then and I hate it! No stash buying, no bead buying, just watching every penny :( Will be worth it though, I'm so looking forward to going away.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Me a technophobe!!!!

Yeah! Teaching myself stuff all the time here. Got my ugly mugshot up AND managed to upload pics of my exploding box. Turns out there not the greatest photos but I'll redo them - at least I've figured out how to put them on!!!!!!

Happy, happy!!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

I'm on holiday..........

well for a long weekend anyway! Made an exploding box yesterday and I love it. Started off planning to make a birthday card but fancied trying the box. So .... the gift I've got for my friend is a necklace and earrings ..... a box would be perfect. So a few hours later (much later - inked all the edges and took ages!!!) I've made a box that is a birthday card and a box at the same time! Really pleased with myself.

Already planning my next one - got another friend's birthday the week after so I'm going to make another one for her.

Need to figure out how to upload piccies and I'll show off my box! lol!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

It's Summer!!!!!!

It's been sunny since Saturday! I still can't believe it. Shouldn't say too much, might tempt fate!

Had a hetic few days, started with having to go to the bank on Saturday morning so just had to take a detour into Flawless Designs in Stirling for some stash. Got some lovely green papers for doing the Circle Journal I'm in. Still not quite decided on my LO yet but as it's a GREEN theme, I thought I'd get some lovely green papers! Might try to do some tonight.

Saturday night we went round to a friends' house to watch their home videos from Florida. It was such a laugh, seeing them from 15 years ago. Really looking forward to going now. Only 8 weeks to go. Still got a lot of things to organise before we go. Had a wee panic at the weekend, had been on The Dibb website, which is a Disney info forum. Reading some of the posts, some weren't very encouraging about Fly Globespan. Guess who we're going with! So decided to check our booking and discovered our leaving date had been changed from 6 Sept to 7 Sept! Nobody had informed us, not a phone call or email - nothing. So Sunday Pete phoned them and they apologised and said they would look into it for us.

Fortunately they phoned today, holiday has now been pushed back by a whole day so that we fly out on 7 Sept not 6th and we come back on the 21st. At least we are getting the whole 14 days.

Now just need to start planning what we're going to do when we get there!

Friday, 6 July 2007

Thank Crunchie it's Friday!!!!!!!!

This week feels like it's gone on FOREVER!!! But it's now Friday night and I've got nothing planned for tonight, other than a big plate of nachos later, mm-mm-mmmmmm.

I received the next Journal from the Circle Journal team I've joined in UKS. The theme is GREEN. Not quite sure how I'm going to interpret it yet but I've got time to think. Need to post mine on tomorrow. Should have done it last week but the girl I'm sending to has been on holiday. So tomorrow it leaves my possession until March, 2008 - that's scary!

Starting to get really excited - 9 weeks yesterday till we go to Orlando. Yippee!!!!! It's our first time and I cannot wait. I'm just a big kid at heart - Disney here we come - yay!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

A little bit about me

Well this is it started - so I work full time with a local council in the Strategy section of the Housing Department. I really enjoy my job, I deal with Private Sector housing issues - not everyone's idea of a great job but I like it. I've worked with the council since I left school and have worked my way up from clerical assistant to a Coordinator so I'm really pleased with that.

Over the years I've been into cross stitching, dabbled a teeny bit into quilting after my sister opened a quilting shop. Heard about scrapbooking through a friend who started doing it years ago. Bought a qvc kit about 18 months ago but only actually plucked up the courage to do something with it in March this year. Haven't looked back since! I am a member of UKScrappers forum website and am addicted to that. Chat on there at least once a day and have made loads of new friends through it. Also found a second hobby - collecting trollbeads. This is a new type of charm bracelet with funky beads and is highly addictive.

Spent today completing my first ever Circle Journal - once I get organised I'll load some pics up. A CJ is basically a round-robin - you create a journal, pick a theme and pass around a group of people. Everyone completes a layout based on your theme. You get the journal back once its been around and is complete. Will be really good to see other peoples work up close, I'm really looking forward to sharing my work this way.

What am I doing??????

Well I've taken the plunge and joined the masses! I've got a blog. Technophobe no more!!!!!!! Basically this will be my rambling thoughts and I'll talk lots about my fantastic new hobbies - scrapbooking and collecting trollbeads!