Tuesday, 29 April 2008

It's a mad, manic week!!!!

Actually it's been a manic few weeks!

Fortnight ago I had a week's holiday, then back to work and straight on a training course for 2 days, in the office for 2 days then at a conference, straight from the conference to the pub for a hen night. Home at 1.30am, up at 5am ILL!!!! O M G !!!!! I couldn't tell you the last time I was soooooo ill through drink. Never again! Honestly, never again! It's just not worth it. Missed nearly all of Saturday, eventually got out of bed just after 5pm!

Managed to do some scrapping on Saturday night thought and then pretty much all of Sunday.

This is my favourite thing I made all weekend - and it took me HOURS!!!!!! But I'm so pleased with it, 4 mini books and the box to keep them in!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Learning new tricks

I've recently started a photography course and I'm loving it! For the first time since I bought my camera I have taken it off AUTO :o For the last two weeks it has only been on manual. Since the weekend I've been snapping like mad for this weeks class. Even Jack is getting fed up with me coming near him with the camera LOL

This is my favourite one from the first week and this is my next fav (which was the first shot I took) .............

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Tut, tut!

Has it really been nearly 2 weeks since I last posted!

What has happended since then, well work has been stupidly mental ........ end of financial year stuff and, lo and behold, we finally got the guidance for the 2006 Act!!!!!!! I was really excited about that, how sad I have become!?!?!?

Then Pedro had a bump in his car, so it's away to the garage, quite possibly never to return :( Never mind, though as he wasn't hurt so that's the main thing.

I've been, slowly, getting organised for the CC. Tonight I have finished my handmade cards and tags for the swap I'm in (my first one!). And I've been scrolling through old photos trying to pick ones for my mystery kit. It needs to have a comedy theme, just need to decided which ones to actually use now. Well do that tomorrow cos I'm off for a week and I get to play with paper and glue as much as I like!!!!!! And not feel guilty!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

'Safe Place' Fairy

Has been and paid me a visit and hidden my MOT, so I'm car-less until I order my road tax over the internet. Grrrr!!!!! Hunted the entire house for it but it's nowhere to be seen. More annoyed at myself for leaving it to the last minute more than anything else.

Need to get myself organised for the UKS cybercrop and part of that organisation involves tiding my wee room. It's a mess, paper everywhere (none of which is my MOT!) and very little space to actually do anything.