Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Countdown has begun

I did tell myself to attempt to blog at least a couple of times a week just to keep track of things around here but at the moment I seem to be lucky if I can blog twice a month!! Oh well nevermind.

Things are kind of all go here just now (pretty much like everyone else at this time of year!). The wee man is coming on leaps and bounds he can now get himself onto his hands and knees and rock but hasn't quite figured out how to do anything other than scoot backwards LOL. The wee soul is trying so hard and he keeps getting frustrated with himself that he can't quite figure out what to do to actually move forward. But his other new skill is this one

Obviously he can't get himself onto his feet but if you stand him up he will hold on for a good minute or so, then unceremoniously lands on his behind!

Slowly we're getting ready for christmas, nearly all of the presents are bought, just one complete present to buy that I just can't think of what to get!! Now I need to wrap everything, planning on doing that tonight accompanied by a small glass of wine (or 2). I've been on my 2 christmas nights out and Pete has finished work for the festive period.

The title is referring to my countdown til I return to work :( Everyone one else can't wait til they stop work for the holidays but all it means for me is that my return to work is coming closer. Only 3 weeks to go now, it's gone past so quickly it's hard to believe I've been off work since April!! And it's not the happiest place to return to at the moment what with the whole single status thing going on and so many people (including me) being faced with a fairly big cut in pay. But hey ho got 3 weeks to enjoy no stress and being with my little dude before reality hits me on 11 January. LOL

Sunday, 6 December 2009


That's what has happened to the last 6 months, they have just zipped right by me in a whirl of smile, giggles, wee and poo!!!

This was my wee man at barely 2 hours old

And this is him at exactly 6 months old, sitting up.

He's got 2 teeth, he babbles away at times but most of the time he's a fairly chilled out little dude.