Saturday, 10 May 2008

Being creative

Just thought I'd post some photos of things I've been doing recently .............. I made little tags to match them too! They turned out pretty good!

Time to catch up?!?

This week it feels like I've been chasing my tail but it's now Saturday and I'm slowly getting caught up with everything that's been sitting wait for me all week. Y'know the sweary word 'HW', in fact the washing machine is currently waiting to be emptied!

It's been sunny most of this week, yay!!!! Been able to get out and about taking photos too. Been quite impressed with myself too and apparently I'm making Alloa look good! LOL, suppose someone has to!

This was taken at the local docks, looking towards Stirling.

And this is Pedro overlooking the soon to be re-opened rail link to Stirling

So now I need to take more photos for this weeks assignment and also photos for the 'overlooked' challenge blog.