Monday, 27 December 2010

And relax ...........

He came, he left presents, they got opened and played with.  Christmas is just about all over and done with and now I feel like I can finally sit down and chill!!

I wasn't up too late on Christmas Eve, the building of the Dude's garage and keyboard were fairly straight forward. The garage started off like this

and ended up like this!  Of course I had to have a little play, just to make sure it was put together properly of course!?!?

I then had to wrap everything - built up garages are not the simplest of things to wrap on your own!  The dude had great fun on Christmas day opening everything up and then deciding what to play with.  He has been well and truly spoiled the last few days but he's worth it.  Although we might need to move to a bigger house to fit everything in.  (Seriously - I'm already thinking about getting rid of a chair and changing the TV unit just to make more space)

 (Singing along with daddy)
 (Playing with the Happyland village set)
 (All the toys under the tree)
 (Giggling at being chased by his cousin - who can only crawl!)

Yesterday (Boxing Day) we had dinner at my dad's - more presents!!  But a good time was had by all, the Dude had great fun playing with his little cousin (the Squealer) who is now 11 months and yesterday the Dude turned 19 months(!?!).  It was pretty much the first time they've been in each other's company for a prolonged period, when they can both move about on their own.  I predict they are going to be a terrible twosome in a few years, if yesterday was anything to go by!!

I got some fantabulous presents, which to be honest I've hardly had time to look at, but they involved lots of baking goods (a proper pie dish - very chuffed about that), food stuff and other funky stuff.  I've still got another week til I start back to work so I intend to do lots of baking, making things and just generally taking some time out for me.  I got a funky book on sock animals for my birthday and I bought some toy stuffing just before christmas so I will be making something in the next week. 

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Festive panicking

What is it about this time of year that makes us all run about like headless chickens? Even when you know that your fairly well organised. Well the weather hasn't helped - the rest of the dude's Christmas finally arrived last Friday, 17 days after they were ordered! But at least it came in plenty time so that was a big relief.

Toddler's Christmas party last Friday was as successful as it could be, considering the kids presents were also stuck in transit and were hastily replaced on the Thursday night. The dude wasn't too keen on taking present from Santa but I'm not surprised, it's a bit freaky still for him.

I gradually feel like Christmas is slowly falling into the right pieces, our dinner is coming together, presents are all bought and nearly all wrapped. Still some building to do but that's reserved for Christmas eve!

Only got half a day to work and then that's me til next year - yee ha!!!!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Snow, snow....

go away, come back another day. Preferably after this Friday!!!!

Oh it's all very pretty to look at and we've been out and built a lovely snow man but enough all ready. It's now just a pain and not even that nice to look at any longer. I've never known the ice to be so thick on the pavements and roads before either. The main roads are fine but side roads aren't that great. I made the mistake at lunchtime of driving down a short cut home, which isn't a well used road and it was like an ice-rink, downhill too! And there is more forecast for the end of the week. Whoopie!!!

I am feeling slightly smug with myself today. We left the house at 10am yesterday and we didn't return until we'd blitzed the present shopping. There are still a few little things I need to get but I can get them at the end of the week. Then a little bit of baking to be done next week and a jolly Christmas will be had by all :). Well assuming our delivery from the Early Learning Centre arrives. We placed the order on 1st Dec and it's currently in transit somewhere in the country.

Photos of our snowman to follow - updating this on my iPod so not got any good pics on here.
My son, seriously umipressed with our handiwork!!!!