Friday, 9 August 2013

Noo gadgets!!

It's been a time of change in our household recently.  Phone contracts being renewed and what not.  So I'm currently playing with my noo phone (Samsung SIII) thingy to see how well I can blog with it.

My lovely hubby has also been very generous and donated me his BlackBerry Playbook. Its a tablet type gadget doodaa.  I foolishly lost my beloved Kindle Fire at the beach a few weeks ago and despite contacting the police again there is no sign of it. I bought an e-reader some time ago but never really got to grips with the concept of reading without holding a BOOK. However I was lucky enough to come into a little drop of money just for me last year and, along with my new Janome, treated myslef to the kindle and loved it! I used it every day and was in the middle of a really good book when I lost it. Still getting used to the Playbook but at least I was able to finish my book. (Kathy Reichs - highly recommend her if you have never read her before).

Ive also been trying my hand at cathedral windows. Only managed the cutting and a teeny, weeny bit of the ironing last night but I love how the wee blocks look. Careful ironing of the corners is vital!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Round Up

It is just me or is it really hard to believe that it's more than half way through the year?  I can't believe it's already August. In my mind August is going back to school, family birthdays and basically the beginning of Autumn!  Although to be fair the turn in the weather this week is similar to autumn too, the beginning of July was glorious - please come back sun!!

July has been a busy old month in this household.  Firstly we went on holiday to a lovely place called Southerness.  Good old caravan holiday, I love it :)  We had a pleasant surprise when we turned up at our allocated caravan as we had a verandah (ooohhh!!!!)  
It was lovely inside too.  I love going to a caravan, especially with little kids, we can please ourselves what we do and when and still have some home comforts.  I'm definitely a homebody, I like going away but I do love getting back to my own space too :)

Not much on the making side of things has been done lately but we have gotten outside into the garden.  At long last we painted our shed and garden fence.
Of course the Dude wanted to, briefly, help daddy!
And this is the finished effort (excuse the washing), I'm really, really pleased with the way it looks.  Makes the garden seem a little smaller, but darker paint does that to any space, but it feels so much more welcoming.
We also received a lovely gift from my old friend Lynz of Domestic Light & Magic fame (I say old in no reference to age, purely on the basis that we have actually been friends for over 20 years, it fact it could be over 25 years if my maths is right).  The gorgeous Wee Hoolits quilt for Little Miss.  So this is her modelling it, wearing the fab outfit also gifted from Lynz (she has very good taste).
I still can't get over just how smiley my little girl is, this face beams up at you when you go into her room first thing in the morning and every time she sees you.  Our little photoshoot continued as did her smile, for a while.  This is my favourite shot.
And this one makes me giggle, not even 6 months old and already she has a 'are you done yet mummy?' face. I think I'm going to see this face a lot in the future!!!!