Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Snip, snip, snippity, snip

The dude has had a haircut! He did look like this ...........

Now, after a little short back and sides he looks like this ......

Admittedly it doesn't look a massive difference in the photos but it is IRL. My baldy wee boy :(

Who knew how fast it is to cut material with a square ruler!!!! Now got all the squares cut for the quilt I was going to have made by 11 January (ha! who was I kidding!?!?) so maybe I'll get round to piecing it and sewing it together soon.

Got some decorating to do first though!

Thursday, 18 March 2010


I've felt like I'm had an arm missing for the last few days!! No t'internet, didn't think I used it much these days but I obviously do.

Anyway my apparent IT genius of a husband discovered what the problem was (after blaming me for killing the internet, because I tried to wirelessly connect to his new printer cos he couldn't figure it out). And what did he do to fix it - use a different cable!!! Oooohhh IT wizz kid eh!

Not taken many pics this week, stoopidly busy at work and 'the husband' has had 'the man flu' so been busy being a good wifie and making chicken soup (with the help of heinz). So here is one from last week, the dude figured out how to stand on his wee truck it seemed. All on his own!!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

What a difference a few miles make

It's weird just how obsessive we can be about the weather but I suppose it's the one universal thing we can all talk about!!

Anyway last week I decided to take my dad on a wee photography trip. There had been some snow the week before and although we had none in our wee part of the world, there was some not very far from us. So me, the dude and Granda went for a wee drive. Look at the pretty winter wonderland we discovered.

Then later last week me and the dude where out for a little walk and came across these pretty little snowdrops in the local park.

So hopefully that means that spring is on the way. Today has been utterly beautiful, lovely clear blue sky and even some warmth in the sun.

Just need to hope it continues to the weekend :)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Time for a change

I've been thinking about changing things in the house for a wee while. Well actually for quite a few months last year we were thinking about changing house but decided to hold off on that for the time being. Need to wait for the house market to pick up a bit and also see what is happening with my job.

So being the 'ooh I've got an idea' person that I can be from time to time. I've decided that if we're not moving for a while then I want to decorate....everywhere!!! The kitchen needs done, the livingroom needs something but not sure what and our bedroom needs to become more like a comfy, relaxing, sanctuary of a bedroom instead of just somewhere to sleep.

I've decided I want to start with the kitchen (little does the hubby know ha!) and I can't make up my mind to make curtains (we currently have none, only vertical blinds that I'm rapidly getting bored off) or roman blinds. Both would probably be overkill eh?

Tonight I've been surfing curtain fabric websites and found these fantastic specimens. Don't know if I would actually have them in my kitchen but some of them are so fugly they're brilliant.