Sunday, 30 September 2007

Where did the weekend go?????

Can't believe it's Sunday night! What have I done this weekend? This week in fact. Feels like I've slept (or been in a daze anyway) Spent yesterday helping my sister at her stall at the Scottish Quilt Championships, it was really good. Lots of fantastic quilts on display, the hard work and talent is so inspiring. Always think I'll give it a go but for some reason I can't seem to get into quilting. Hey ho!

Took ages to get back over the forth road bridge but at least we had a shortcut to it only took about 30 mins to get onto the bridge - some other people looked like they were going to waiting at least an hour!!!! Bloomin' road works :(

Anyway had to pop into see my dad on the way home to get my final instructions before he went on holiday, so eventually got home at 7.15pm - 12 hours after I left it!!! Decided to go out for dinner but when we got to the pub they had no tables left and the kitchen was closing at 8pm so ended up with a fish supper - not good for the diet but tasty all the same. Even left some for Jack!

Had intended to spend today doing loads of scrapping but didn't get out of bed until lunchtime, went food shopping, did housework, had Sunday lunch, Pete went to Tilly for his gig (first time for this duo so was a bit nervous!),watched some telly we recorded when on holiday, ordered both our road taxes online (need them for tomorrow - opps!!!!) and now it's 11pm. Did take some pics for doing my LO in a CJ but need to print them tomorrow. Thank goodness tomorrow is a public holiday and I've got the day off - will definitely do scrapping tomorrow. Got so much I need to catch up on.

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