Friday, 15 February 2008

Is it just me ...............

What is our society like these days? (This is where I end up sounding like some grumpy old right wing politican, which I am most definitely not!)

We have suffered the last two nights from a small number of yobs, for want of a better word, using our house at target practice. (I think they might be training for doing the shot put in the next Olympics!) We now have damage to two windows at the back of our house, the windscreen of DH's car and a dent in his driver's door. They have also been kicking our front door. Which involves them coming up our driveway, right past one of livingroom windows and along the side of our cars. It's been reported to the police, and give them their due, they did respond and attend the other night and phoned me back last night. Their advice! Ignore it, don't react, if it happens again phone us. So now I have to sit in my house and pretend nothing is happening if it starts again. Easier said than done.

But, on a lighter note, I've just realised that the first circle journal I'm taking part in will shortly be completed. Once I've completed the journal I have then it's all done and I will get mine back. I can't wait, it seem so long since I've seen it.

Wonder what it looks like now!?!?!

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