Monday, 26 July 2010

Woo Hoo!?!?!

I finished it! It took nearly 7 months but I did it :) I set myself the target of having it finished before 26th (when the Dude was 14 months) and I finished on Saturday night. I'm so happy with it. It's HUGE - 61.5' by 81.5' and took ages to quilt but I'm over the moon that I've finished it.

So ...... time to move onto the next quilt then eh! When I was sorting out things when we had the house on the market I came across some material for a log cabin quilt I'd had for a while, all cut out and ready to be sewn. Along with the Popular Patchwork magazine that the quilt pattern is in - August 2006. That's the date of the magazine, I had no idea I'd had the stuff so long!! Can't wait to get started on it. Or I might do the quilt that I'm doing in challenge with my sister.

We actually managed to get out and about today, no man flu or big teething issues troubling us today. We ended up at the Scottish Deer Centre, it was really good. We saw some lovely wolves, birds of prey and some fantastic deer.

The battery in my camera ran out just before the best bit of the day - we managed to feed some of the deer, little cutsie bambi look-a-likes! The dude was enthralled with them (and so were we!).

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Lynz said...

Great quilt!! My god, it's massive!! I'm planning on getting most of my bed quilt quilted this afternoon but I'm procrastinating like mad - you know what a wrestle the biggies are! Although the pillow cases and cushions are made (last weeks procrastinations!!)