Wednesday, 26 October 2011


that's about the speed my laptop is going this week!  I'm not known for my patience (just ask my darling husband!) and it's running very low with the spectacular speed of my laptop, or otherwise. 

Work has been crazy busy this week, I was finishing a presentation at midnight last night, so I haven't had any time for fun stuff like starting my cushion cover for the Brit Quilt Pillow Fight Swap.  I have started my design, I'm going for a christmas theme
Hexagons along the bottom, appliqued trees and some kind of quilting (swirly?) in the sky is sort of the plan but I'm not quite there yet.  First off I need to decide between modern or traditional christmas, or possibly a combination of the two.

Decisions, decision!?!?

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Shevvy said...

Hi, hope the machine is running okay now. Mine really needs a service but I can't be bothered looking for someone to do it.

How are you feeling?