Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Pillow Fight

Well in my mind it's a cushion but over on ye old Flickr it's the Brit Quilt Swap Pillow fight.  My offering to my partner is away in the trusty hands of Royal Mail so hopefully they delivery it tomorrow (or maybe Thursday at the latest) and fingers crossed my partner likes it!!!!  I've, hopefully, followed my partners likes pretty closely - green, hexies, little patchwork, trees, birds, something festive, echino, linen.  I'm hoping it ticks a lot of boxes.

The snowflake quilting is all freehand and in metallic thread. (this photo is a bit dark for some reason, the fabric is cream!).

I've learned a lot doing this cushion - firstly that I can make a cushion cover (what with this being my first ever attempt), hexies aren't really hard but they do take a lot of time!!!!, if using metallic thread you must, must, MUST use the proper needle in your machine (I've spent too much wasted time cursing the wrong needle and the shredded thread!), that people that work in haberdashery shops don't always give the appropriate advice, that I'm always at the coo's tail no matter what the timescale/deadline is and that I am my own worst critic.

But overall I enjoyed making it and I really, really hope my partner likes it.  Now I get excited waiting for my cushion to arrive!!!!!


Canadian Abroad said...

Your cushion looks fab and I am sure that your partner will love it.

Sheila said...

Your cushion is lovely.and you should come shop in my fabric/haberdashery shop where we can bore you with advice!!

Anonymous said...

Yup, that is definitely one loved cushion! Thank you :)

Also I can't believe the delivery times of Royal Mail! It took them 4 days to send a package a few miles. I'm going to have to make sure I'm on the ball this year for Christmas posting.

Vikki x