Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lots of loveliness (& learning)

Today has been a busy day, a very good day, but a very busy one!

My first lesson of today was that if you need to get up early (for a Sunday) don't sit up to nearly 1am watching programs about tornados - no matter how interesting they are!  (I'm a bit of weird weather nut)  I'm not really very good on 6hrs sleep.

I tried to get a slightly better picture of my star quilt top this morning outside, it's still not great but that's phones & rain for you!!
Then me and the little man headed off to pick up my sister and nephew and we headed off the the Spring Quilt Show at Edinburgh.  There were lots of gorgeous quilts on show, majority of which have wondering how they made them or just giving up now!  Even the little person seemed to enjoy looking at the quilts (it was hard to take a picture without him trying get into every one going "cheeeeese" - he's definitely not camera shy!)
 This quilt was one of my favourites today, I love the 3-d effect!
This one is called 'Swatch Potch', it's a scrap quilt with 4,616 different pieces!!!!  (Apparently the maker's grandchildren liked to help count the pieces!?!?)  I love the little squares, I imagine it's something you could work on very slowly and methodically and gradually build up to a huge quilt.
This one was my fave though (it's taken from an odd angle - I had to stand at the side to take a quick photo!), part of the quilts on display were called 'Colour & Illusion' and I just love this combination.  There were a few quilts of similar colour combos but this one really stood out for me.

Among many things I learned at the show was that some people must have short memories - I had to really, really bite my tongue about the tuts & looks the kids (and us) got when having our lunch.  Yes 2 yr old boys don't always sit still and sometimes they have tantrums when they're tired (they weren't even behaving very badly at all, just being toddlers who were tired and hungry).  Did they're children never have a tantrum!! (ok rant over!)

After the quilt show we then decided to give the boys an opportunity to do something more suited to them..... soft play!!!!!  They had a ball (boom, boom) but taking a decent picture on the otherhand was nearly impossible.  Running, climbing, sliding for 90mins in soft play when you're 2 is the best thing in the world :)
Then when we got home, after a small sleep on the way home (for the small person - not me obviously I was driving), he asked for a bath (he's not a normal boy!) and we had a very short and peaceful bedtime.  Which is always lovely :)

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Collette said...

love your star quilt! so many possible different looks available with different colour schemes etc I may need to try this!