Friday, 9 August 2013

Noo gadgets!!

It's been a time of change in our household recently.  Phone contracts being renewed and what not.  So I'm currently playing with my noo phone (Samsung SIII) thingy to see how well I can blog with it.

My lovely hubby has also been very generous and donated me his BlackBerry Playbook. Its a tablet type gadget doodaa.  I foolishly lost my beloved Kindle Fire at the beach a few weeks ago and despite contacting the police again there is no sign of it. I bought an e-reader some time ago but never really got to grips with the concept of reading without holding a BOOK. However I was lucky enough to come into a little drop of money just for me last year and, along with my new Janome, treated myslef to the kindle and loved it! I used it every day and was in the middle of a really good book when I lost it. Still getting used to the Playbook but at least I was able to finish my book. (Kathy Reichs - highly recommend her if you have never read her before).

Ive also been trying my hand at cathedral windows. Only managed the cutting and a teeny, weeny bit of the ironing last night but I love how the wee blocks look. Careful ironing of the corners is vital!

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