Wednesday, 19 August 2009

We're on the move ......... and breaking the rules!!

Well nearly

wee man enjoying a little bit of tummy time - normally he's starts crying after about 2 seconds so this was rare!!

My rebellious side is starting to show it's head again, so I must be getting back to my old self!! I've been thinking about all the 'advice' which is doled out to new mums by the tonne load and to be honest it messed with my head in the first few weeks but now we've found the best way for us so I'm breaking the 'rules' by

a) not breastfeeding - it just didn't work out for us
b) making up bottles in advance - none of this daft make a bottle when you need it, I like to leave the house occassionally!!
c) heating up out bottles in the microwave - common sense prevailed and a hungry baby gets fed quicker!
d) moving wee man into his own cot, in his own room - if I waited til he was 6 months old it would be harder for both of us, now he's in his room not quite aware of the difference and I get to read in bed with the light on!!

And despite breaking the 'rules/advice' I've got a happy, healthy, contented wee boy who now weighs 14lbs and sleeps throught the night = RESULT!! So I must be doing something right! Apparently there was something on GMTV this morning to say that breast isn't best after all, Pedro recorded it for me so I need to watch it to find out more.

Right, now I need to figure out how to grow webbed feet! Will the rain EVER stop?

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Lynz said...

You go girl! Rebel Mummies of the world unite hee-heeeee!!!