Friday, 10 September 2010

Cotton candy

that's what the inside of my head feels like! I've got a stupid cold again, this time I've been really generous with it and passed it to the Dude too!

We've had a few days out recently. Couple of weeks ago we went down to Strathaven to the Balloon festival. We went down late afternoon to see the 'Glow', which is a display of the balloons lit up at dusk. Unfortuately they didn't fly because it was WAY too windy but they did try to get them upright and lit up with the flares.
It was really good to watch, it's hard to believe just how windy it was and how difficult it was for the balloons to fill up to become upright. There were about 4/5 HUGE guys on each basket really, really struggling to keep them on the ground.

They sort of did the glow too, but instead of the balloons going up they did a bit of dance with the flares to music. It was really cleverly done and very impressive. Might even consider going next year for a bit longer, as long as the weather right - needs clear skies with ZERO wind. Easy for Scotland then eh!

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