Saturday, 6 November 2010

Getting into the spirt

For a long number of years I loved christmas.  Coming downstairs on christmas morning, finding out which pile of parcels was mine, which pillowcase full of presents was mine (we didn't do stockings - just good ol' pillowcases!), trying to figure out what was in each wrapped up parcel before opening it.  The helping out with christmas dinner, eating til I was fit to burst.  Then life changed and I fell out of love with christmas. 

But now life has changed again and I'm ready to love it again, I'm looking forward to getting into the spirit of things.  Yes it's the dude's 2nd christmas but last year he didn't really understand what was going on.  This was his attitude towards his first present - the 'I'll open it with my teeth' approach.
  But this year is different, he understands about playing with toys and is amazed by sparkly lights and stuff.  So from this year we are making our own traditions, our own happy times and that starts with the decorations!  The fibre optic tree is being replaced with a tree we can properly decorate and I've gone a little bit crazy already - there is a lot of red in there!  I've decided my theme is red, green & gold - and a bit traditional if I can find the right stuff.

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Lynz said...

Yay for loving Christmas!!! There's nothing like celebrating it with your OWN wee family - I hope this is the first of many for you!!