Friday, 29 October 2010

Spiderbaby, spiderbaby

does whatever spiderbaby does ..................
Today was the dude's first Halloween party at toddlers and I found the best spider costume.  It's got cool stripey trousers!!!  We had a great time, loads of kids turned up and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  I even made my first ever pumpkin lantern (with a handle) and a spiders web that I'm particularly chuffed with!

It's been a looooong day but I'm pleased that it's my last Friday at work for at least the next month - hopefully longer.  I'm also very pleased that our car passed it's MOT - well quite shocked really, but we're legal again.  Much happier about that!

So that's halloween just about all done with - taking the dude through to visit his great-granda in his old folks home on Sunday for their halloween party (I wonder if they will dress up the old dears :o) and then it's time to get started on Christmas.  Got a few things to make before then - busy, busy, busy.  Isn't something like 59 sleeps to christmas!?!?!?!

The other event of this week is that the dude is now 17months old. How did that happen? Life is just flying past way too quickly for my liking. Like I've been told, before I know it I'll be buying his first school uniform. Stay a baby little dude for just a little longer - please! But how cute is this cheesy face (although covered in chocolate!!!)  The other picture is just plain funny - looks like he's trying to match his daddy's big belly LOL


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