Monday, 13 December 2010

Snow, snow....

go away, come back another day. Preferably after this Friday!!!!

Oh it's all very pretty to look at and we've been out and built a lovely snow man but enough all ready. It's now just a pain and not even that nice to look at any longer. I've never known the ice to be so thick on the pavements and roads before either. The main roads are fine but side roads aren't that great. I made the mistake at lunchtime of driving down a short cut home, which isn't a well used road and it was like an ice-rink, downhill too! And there is more forecast for the end of the week. Whoopie!!!

I am feeling slightly smug with myself today. We left the house at 10am yesterday and we didn't return until we'd blitzed the present shopping. There are still a few little things I need to get but I can get them at the end of the week. Then a little bit of baking to be done next week and a jolly Christmas will be had by all :). Well assuming our delivery from the Early Learning Centre arrives. We placed the order on 1st Dec and it's currently in transit somewhere in the country.

Photos of our snowman to follow - updating this on my iPod so not got any good pics on here.
My son, seriously umipressed with our handiwork!!!!

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