Saturday, 15 January 2011

Challenge Quilt

It's done!!  Way back in September me and my sister went along to the Scottish Quilt Championships, including babies, (that was fun - pushing two buggies around a fairly small hall, crammed with material, stalls and quilts!) and we both bought the same jelly roll.

So I played about with it for a little while and actually finished the quilt top and started quilting it by about the middle of November but for one reason and another it got shelved.  It remained untouched until a week ago, when I realised there wasn't that much left to do.  So over the weekend the quilting got finished and the binding attached and during the week when Pedro was out I finished sewing the binding and it now looks like this.

I'm rather pleased with it!

In the spirit of being positive, which is my resolution for this year, not only have I rejoined WeightWatchers this week, I have also just signed up for my first ever quilting swap. Arrrggghhh!!!!  It's a mug rug swap on the Quilting Gallery website.  I've never made a mug rug before but they are just small quilts so at least they'll be quick.  I have a feeling they could be slightly addictive!

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Lynz said...

Lovely quilt, missus! How's your sis getting on with hers? And, yes, mug rugs are totally addictive!!