Sunday, 19 June 2011

Keeping up!

Well trying to anyway!!  I've been busy trying to finish off things and start new things.  The dude's quilt top is finished.  I think - I like the way it looks but part of thinks it needs a border.  Yes/No?  Maybe I'll make a border just to see how it looks.  I'm planning to back it with a brushed cotton to make it lovely and snuggy.
My hearts quilt is now finished and sitting on our couch being leaned against every day.  I'm really, really happy with it and in this lovely warm June that we're having (!) it's been used already.
I'm getting behind on mystery quilt but a big part of that (other than, you know, life getting in the way of other fun stuff) is that I've been seriously procrastinating on the block which is to be paper pieced.  But thanks to Sheila who sent me some really helpful and very clear instructions on how to do a block I'm over the mental block I had.  So following the instructions I made this funky little tree (I added the border to finish it off)
I've made a little bit more progress with my mystery quilt since this but not much!

I've also being doing a little bit more of my brit quilt swap mini-quilt.  It's coming together nicely.  I haven't decided how to finish it off but I'll have a little bit of play and see what I can come up with.
I haven't been my usual organised self the last few weeks so I haven't had as much time as I've wanted to do much else but after the end of this week I should have more time as I step down from being as involved in our Toddler's Group (1 year of being the treasurer is enough for me).  But for now, seeing as it's Father's Day, I need to spend some time with this little man and his daddy.  Steak for dinner me thinks!

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Sheila said...

You have been busy! Your square in square quilt is brilliant, I would try a border, think it'd look good. Well done on the p/p tree, another hurdle........there haven't been any more p/p blocks yet in the Mystery Quilt.
Hope you enjoyed your day.