Friday, 15 July 2011

Crafty wee space

I'm in the process of getting the spare room back just for me, after Pedro has downsized all his work stuff and decided he's suffered enough cabin fever.  It's had a variety of uses over the last few years, a home office, a craft room, back to an office, a baby's room, back to an office and now back to a wee crafty space just for little old me!  It really is the smallest room in the house but it's big enough for what I need to use it for.  This was it on Tuesday once the painting was finished
And this was it earlier today, we've got the furniture in but I need to now get it organised and I sort out more shelving.  I particularly love my new rug from Ikea (and so does my son, he keeps walking on it saying 'all fluffy!')
Pedro is working tomorrow night so I'm intending to have it sorted out by then so I can actually start catching up on my sewing.  I've been in limbo while the room was being cleared out, painted and all my stuff put back in.

My other exciting news is that I'm going to the Festival of Quilts.  I'll be there on the Friday with my sister and my nephew.  It was supposed to be the start of our holiday but after a bit of hiccup, we've had to change our plans so I'm now driving down on the Thursday, will be at the FoQ on the Friday and then driving home on Saturday morning.  So it'll be a looooong drive down and a looooong drive home again but I'm still looking forward to it.


Sarah said...

Oh you lucky thing! Hope you have an excellent time at FoQ :-)

Sheila said...

Great to have your own space.
Enjoy FOQ, it's brilliant.

Canadian Abroad said...

I'll be there on the Friday - or that is my plan. We need a Brit Quilt meeting area so we can, well, meet anyone who is there.

New space looks great. It might not be big but it is yours, all yours. Beats me trying to take over the dining room and running a constant battle. :-)

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

That's a great little room! As someone who sews in the dining room I think that any dedicated space for your creative pursuits should be treasured! Have fun with it -- and enjoy the festival too.