Saturday, 20 August 2011


Embo by day .......
and by night. 

These were the views from our caravan, unexpectedly we got a sea view!!  We had a very relaxing time; playing on the beach, eating lots, seal spotting, Loch Ness monster spotting (I'm pretty sure I saw her!) and even some celebrity spotting - Edwin Collins collecting his shopping from a wee farm shop. 

I even managed to squeeze in a little sewing, some hexagons are starting to take shape - slowly!!

For all I'm rested after my holiday I've had a marathon laudry day today.  A leaking boiler in a linen cupboard and being on holiday for 5 days does not make for a good combination so all contents of the cupboard needed to be washed, on top of our holiday washing.  Tomorrow the ironing looms - oh joy.  Thinking about it is giving me the post holiday blues, so for the rest of tonight I'm not thinking about it.  I'm thinking about the big bag of revels sitting in front of me instead :)

Oh yes I've got an apology to make to anyone who has ever left me a comment - I didn't realised until last week that I can/should respond to each comment individually and by doing that it sends an email to anyone who has been lovely enough to leave me a comment.  I feel really bad that I've only just realised this, sometimes I'm not very clued up on stuff!  I will rectify the situation and thank you all personally very soon. 


Canadian Abroad said...

As some one who is permanently clueless about all this blobby stuff - no apologies necessary. If I knew more then my blog wouldn't look so crap! Just haven't got the knowledge and time to fix it!

ScissorsandThread said...

Hi just found you through Brit quilt on flickr and am now a follower. FodQ was amazing wasn't it, it really inspired me to get sewing again