Sunday, 7 August 2011

Not long now!

Look what my postman delivered to me the other day.  I've been reading them (almost) obsessively since they arrived - I know, they're only the guides, it's a shame really how excited I'm getting about going.  The competition guide is really interesting as it gives you a little blurb bit about all the quilts which are being exhibited - really interesting.

I had myself a very productive night last night and I've more or less caught up with the Mystery Quilt-along - hurrah!!!  How fantastic are these plaits?  I loved doing them and I'm really pleased by how effective they are.  Trying to think of ways to make an entire quilt out of plaits.  My first thought was that they could be used in a similar way to a chinese coin style, like this one I made, but now I'm thinking of different blocks and things.  My mind is running away with it's self on the possibilities!
 All I need to do now it sew together these 4 blocks and I'll be up to date!  I should even be able to get that done before the end of (dare I say it!) nap time if I get my skates on.

I've got a busy week ahead of me, what with a mountain of work to be done at work before I finish up on Wednesday, getting organised for heading to Birmingham on Thursday (not really looking forward to the drive but hey, it'll be worth it), back home on Saturday, then packing to be done for heading away again next Monday.  But I still want to work on getting some hexagons cut out to take with me so I have some sewing to keep my hands occupied and stop them shovelling food into my mouth.  It's a subconscious action, I swear I don't even realise I'm doing it half the time.  Well that's my excuse anyway!


Shevvy said...

Glad I'm not the only one spending all my time on the booklet. I'm going to highlight on the map all the stand I really want to visit so that I don't miss any!

Sarah said...

ahhh goin a bit green here... lol Hope you have a wonderful time!

suzan almond said...

I'm truly jealous, I shan't make it to Birmingham ! Probably just as well for my budget - but I'm sure you'll have a great time and I'll look forward to hearing about it all later.

Biff said...

Thanks ladies :) Shevvy that's a great idea. Might borrow that, help keep me organised!

Suzan to be honest I'm not sure my budget can really stretch either, in the last week we've had to repair our boiler and both cars, but hey ho I'm still going to enjoy myself.

Sheila said...

Biff, your blocks are brilliant - I am so pleased you like the plaits, it would be fun to make a whole quilt of them.
Have a great time at FoQ.

Janine said...

Your blogs look great. I hope you have a lovely time in Birmingham. Take care :)