Thursday, 5 September 2013

Redesign, Refocus .......

Things have been changing here lately (again!) and I've been taking stock of a variety of things.

One of the things on my mind has been my blog and what I blog, when I blog (not very frequently obviously) and the reason for blogging.  When I first started my blog it was intended to be a record of my creative side, mainly some scrapbooking, photography and cross-stitching at the time.

Well as it has a habit of doing, life has rolled a bit and since then our life has altered completely and I now have 2 lovely small people who take up a huge amount of my life, as they rightly should.  So to reflect that I have decided that this olde blog needs a bit of a face lift and a slight change of focus.

I'm still being creative (when I can fit it in!) but there is so much more going on these days that I need to record much more than that, and more often too :)

So it's a case of 'So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, adieu' from my Funky Scrappy blog and why not pop over and join me on my new bloggy home from home - Sunshine & Cheesebugs to see what me and little gang are getting up to, hope to see you there :)

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