Friday, 6 July 2007

Thank Crunchie it's Friday!!!!!!!!

This week feels like it's gone on FOREVER!!! But it's now Friday night and I've got nothing planned for tonight, other than a big plate of nachos later, mm-mm-mmmmmm.

I received the next Journal from the Circle Journal team I've joined in UKS. The theme is GREEN. Not quite sure how I'm going to interpret it yet but I've got time to think. Need to post mine on tomorrow. Should have done it last week but the girl I'm sending to has been on holiday. So tomorrow it leaves my possession until March, 2008 - that's scary!

Starting to get really excited - 9 weeks yesterday till we go to Orlando. Yippee!!!!! It's our first time and I cannot wait. I'm just a big kid at heart - Disney here we come - yay!

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