Wednesday, 11 July 2007

It's Summer!!!!!!

It's been sunny since Saturday! I still can't believe it. Shouldn't say too much, might tempt fate!

Had a hetic few days, started with having to go to the bank on Saturday morning so just had to take a detour into Flawless Designs in Stirling for some stash. Got some lovely green papers for doing the Circle Journal I'm in. Still not quite decided on my LO yet but as it's a GREEN theme, I thought I'd get some lovely green papers! Might try to do some tonight.

Saturday night we went round to a friends' house to watch their home videos from Florida. It was such a laugh, seeing them from 15 years ago. Really looking forward to going now. Only 8 weeks to go. Still got a lot of things to organise before we go. Had a wee panic at the weekend, had been on The Dibb website, which is a Disney info forum. Reading some of the posts, some weren't very encouraging about Fly Globespan. Guess who we're going with! So decided to check our booking and discovered our leaving date had been changed from 6 Sept to 7 Sept! Nobody had informed us, not a phone call or email - nothing. So Sunday Pete phoned them and they apologised and said they would look into it for us.

Fortunately they phoned today, holiday has now been pushed back by a whole day so that we fly out on 7 Sept not 6th and we come back on the 21st. At least we are getting the whole 14 days.

Now just need to start planning what we're going to do when we get there!

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