Saturday, 22 December 2007

3 more sleeps!!!

I can't believe it's christmas so soon. I'm still not sure if I'm organised or not!?!?! But I've had two nights out, out of three so one to go and then I can lay about all day tomorrow, yippee!!! Well say lay about, I've still to make two christmas presents. I've still to wrap two presents to give them to their receipents today.

Had an excellent night out on Thursday, Wildhearts at the Carling Academy. They were superb, wasn't sure how it would be in a bigger venue than the Garage, but they were on top form as usual. AND they played 'Destroy all Monsters' so I was a happy, happy bunny :)

Well going bead shopping today, so need to go and look out my birthday voucher so I can treat myself.

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