Sunday, 16 December 2007

Feeling festive :)

The christmas decorations are finally up, the cards are all made (although I forgot to take pictures before I wrote them and sealed the envelopes - doh!) and all my presents are just about bought - yay!!! Only got a few little things to get.

Had my first night out on Friday and it was a really good laugh. Had our team lunch at Osta's in Stirling and then stayed out the rest of the day. Came back into Alloa about 8pm ish and met up with some more people from work, eventually got home at 1am after Pete came to met me in the pub!!! Was very tired yesterday. lol

Still got a couple of christmas presents to make mind you, so I need to get cracking on those.

Hoping that it will be a fairly quiet week work wise cos I've got 3 nights out at the end of the week :) Thursday is the Wildhearts at Academy - I'm soooooo excited. Friday is Town Hall so I'll be out from 5.30pm and Saturday is our couples night out which will be a scream. Next Sunday will be for sleeping only!

Look at what I've found - this must have been taken about 15 years ago - scary! But festive :)

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