Thursday, 25 June 2009


I'm turning into one!! I'm turning into a complete baby bore. Lol!!! (and I can't spell for toffee btw). But what can I expect ......... wee man is 4 weeks old (well a month tomorrow actually!), I've barely left the house without him in the 3 weeks since we got home from hospital, I've hardly seen the news, I've only read about 3 newspapers since then and I send pretty much every waking moment with him! But I love it!

So what the heck - lookie see what I made!!!! Euan doing his superbaby impersonation!!

Actually I do have something else to say ...... last night I watched (while feeding wee man - multi-tasking!!) 'Famous, Rich and Homeless', a programme which took 5 famous people and left them on the streets of London for 10 days with nothing apart from what they stood in. Working in Housing I tend to have reservations about these type of programmes but it was very interesting. It seemed to give a very realistic view of rough sleeping but at the same time it was fairly uncomfortable viewing. Which, I suppose, is what the main intention is. For me the most upsetting part was one of real homeless people who was paired up with a 'fake' homeless famous person, describing the reason she became homeless, she described herself as being treated worse than the family dog! She'd been abused by family members including her mum. It was completely heartbreaking. Just makes you think about things you take for granted - like a loving family and a roof over your head! Shouldn't be too much to ask for eh!

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Lynz said...

Man, he's cute. Starting to look a bit like his auld man, I reckon. Your life will be one giant cliche for some time yet! Heh-heh, ain't it grand.

P.S. Nice quilt Euan's got there. *g*