Friday, 26 June 2009

A world in mouring!

Well will this be one of the rare, 'So where were you when you heard XXX died?' events? What will my answer be as to where I was when I first heard that Michael Jackson had died ............ getting out of the bath! The 11pm news was just coming on the radio and there was information that a male had been taken from his house, possibly unconscious, but nothing had been confirmed. Me and Pedro then watching the surrealness unfold on BBC News 24! It was weird watching it, before it had been officially confirmed people where talking about him in the past tense!!

I've never been a huge fan but I do like his music from the 70's and early 80's - nobody can deny that 'Thriller' is an iconic album. My sister even has a copy!!!

But seriously watching the news today and the music channels it is bizarre - nothing else is happening in the world today apparently! And even MTVone had Michael Jackson videos on today - they never play music any longer, it's usually just odd reality tv shows. An odd day, all in all!

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