Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A better day

Today has been so much better than yesterday :) I wasn't so tired, wee man wasn't so tired and we didn't have any screaming matches at all today - big reliefs. In fact we were so much happier - see

I've been making cards too! Thought I'd make enough thank you cards but it turns out 50 wasn't enough!!! So had to quickly make another few, just like this

I'm starting to get my creative mojo back and have got a few ideas of things I want to make but one thing I have promised myself is that before I start any big crafty project I need to get this finished

I can't actually remember when I started this cross-stich but I do remember it was when we lived in a different house! (we've been here over 3 yrs!!!) This is what it's supposed to look like - not really got much to do to it have I! I must get this finished before I start anything else big. I must, I must, I must!

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