Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bonkers .................

............. really, Bonkers! That is the name of the song which was the official UK No 1 single the week our wee man was born. Dizzee Rascal and Armand Van Helden ' Bonkers'

A flippin' techno song!!! Lordy, lordy, lordy!!!!!

The album charts are marginally better, but only marginally, No 1 album for week beginning 24 May, 2009 is Enemin 'Relapse', but at least the No 2 album is Green Day '21st Century Breakdown' which I have so at least that is something I can tell wee man in the future.

I was bad last night :o I went out for a meal with friends!!!! I didn't stay home and look after my baby, I left him in the very capable hands of his daddy. Shock horror! But I had a great time, laughed lots, especially at a very funny story involving a lot of poo!!! And it wasn't baby poo either

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Lynz said...

Oh, c'mon - Bonkers is genius! I own it! And the wee man will totally love it if he's anything like Hol. It's not techno - it's hip-hop ya loony. *rollseyes* Old lady. *g*

P.S. Aye, I still giggle at that poo story! Gawd bless that wee auld man. His sister sure won't!!