Friday, 10 July 2009


I stand corrected. 'Bonkers' is not techno, it is in fact hip hop! (thanks Lynz :)) I must also admit that having listened to it a few times, it is growing on me!!!! It's still not the greatest song in the world but it could be worse, like Mariah Carey or something!?!?!

Look what I bought the other day ...........

OK, it might just look like toilet cleaner. And admittedly it IS toilet cleaner, but look closely, it's not just any ordinary toilet cleaner, it's PURPLE toilet cleaner!!!!! Yes, I am THAT sad that I bought toilet cleaner solely because it is purple (well and to clean the loo, but well you know what I mean!)

I almost bought purple dish clothes but common sense prevailed when I remembered that I had about 3 packets at home. (Might get them the next time though, if they're still there)

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