Friday, 9 April 2010


What are we playing at?!?!?! Not content with having enough to do what with having the dude to look after, being back at work and just generally being. We've put the house on the market. It's the best thing to do, but we're still trying to convince ourselves it's the best thing to do, know what I mean?

So the last two weeks have been a bit mentally, crazy. We've painted 2 rooms, moved the dude's bedroom, turned the other 2 bedrooms into proper double bedrooms and gutted the kitchen. It's looking really quite fab though - hard to believe it's our house LOL
An incredibly tidy livingroom - wonder how long it will stay looking like this!

The newly created spare bedroom which used to be the dude's room

And my favourite room - a grown up looking bedroom. But I've got a wee problem - it's so pretty looking that I don't want to sleep in it because it will get messed up :(

Now we just need to hope that someone else sees it and wants to buy it REALLY, REALLY soon. Then we can buy the house we've seen.

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