Sunday, 25 April 2010

This n' that

Not been up to much lately, just a bit of this n' that! The house has been on the market for 2 weeks now. We've had one viewer who apparently really liked it but thought the bedrooms where a bit small. Can't make them bigger so we just have to wait and the right person will turn up one of these days. (theywilltheywilltheywill....theywill)

Work has been the same lately, spent hours doing my informal review and I'm skeptical that it will make any difference but I'm open to being pleasantly surprised. Apparently we'll all know by the end of May so who knows, if it happens it happens.

My creative side hasn't been very productive of late - too busy keeping the house tidy - but I have managed to finish something I started, ooohhh about 2 years ago, maybe longer. It's not perfect by a long shot but I like it and it's growing on me every day.

Lastly just some random pics of the dude - he's 11 months tomorrow and I'm in shock. How did that much time manage to fly past so quickly? Like a friend said to me recently, before I know it I'll be buying his school uniform!!!

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