Sunday, 2 May 2010

Not very me

but I've become slightly obsessed with cleaning! What with the house being on the market, we having stepped up the cleaning, so being the very anal person that I am I have come up with a weekly rota for cleaning, each room has a specific day (or two). It's working, it doesn't take long and the house pretty much looks good all the time. OK the kitchen takes a battering every day as done the livingroom, but we still have to live here and small a certain small person doesn't understand the concept of being tidy! I'm not naturally an incredibly tidy person, I like to have a bit of mess and clutter, it makes me feel comfortable. So doing all this tidying, feeling guilty for not tidying and worrying about what else needs to be tidied is exhausting!

Speaking of small people, it is hard to believe (very, very hard to believe) but the dude will be 1 year old in less than a month!?!?! How the **** did that happen? Did we just blink and here we are?

This was him yesterday, enthralled by some balloons in one of the neighbours garden

he was quite excited!

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