Friday, 6 August 2010

Something New Every Day

I've learned tonight how to put pdf ebooks onto my ereader! And photos (it's still processing the photo but it's on there!).

It's the weekend again, woo hoo. I feel like it's been a really long week and I am happy that the weekend is here. I'm still trying to get myself organised and into a proper routine being back at work but I'll get there.

This was the Dude walking about the garden last weekend, just before he lost his balance and broke his fall with his nose! It's slowly getting better but it'll be the first of MANY. It's hard to believe how fast time is going when looking at the Dude, this time last year he was only 10 weeks old and I was still trying to figure out what to do with a little baby. Now I'm trying to chase after a little walking dude!?!?!

(see how messy the drive is - I was in the middle of tidying it up, it's looking miles better now, still needs a bit of work done but it started to pour down so I stopped)

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