Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Busy, busy, busy

There just never seems to be enough hours in the day lately.  Not even down to any one thing in particular, just lots of things going on!

But I have been making stuff - woo hoo :)  I got this fabulous book for my birthday last November and I've finally got round to making something from it.  He doesn't have a name yet, possibly Loppy cos his mouth is a bit lop-sided but I'm not sure.  I loved making it, really quick but really effective.  If I get time I intend to make another this weekend.  Everybody need a sock animal I've decided!
I've also been making another mug rug tonight, it's not properly finished but here is a little look.
On other things my weight loss is coming along nicely, now lost a total of 8lbs since 11 January - 3 weigh-ins so far.  Many more lbs to go but I'm happy with the way it's going so far.

Very tired now, so off to bed for me and maybe just a page or two of Keith Richards' book.  It's a facinating read but it's written how I imagine he speaks, rambling through different topics before getting back to the original story, can be a wee bit confusing depending on how tired I am!

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