Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cat on the Mat

Well more of the moggy on the mug rug.  My friend at work has a little coaster which is pretty much at the end of it's useful life so when she mentioned last week that she should probably get herself a new one, I had a little idea.  And this is what that idea led too - she's cat daft and has a ginger kitty cat like me!

I've worked on the 2 mug rugs for the swap I'm in, this weekend tops are made, just need a little light quilting and then to be bound.  I did intend to get on to that tonight but the dude has been full of jumping beans today and has been bouncing off the walls since 7am this morning so I'm drained of what little energy I did have.  

1 comment:

Lynz said...

What a handsome cat!! Very thoughtful gift, Biff, she'll love it!