Monday, 14 February 2011

Bye ..... Hello

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was taking part in my very first quilting swap.  Well after making about half a dozen, I finally had 2 mug rugs that I was happy with to be sent to someone. 

So these have been posted off to someone, on the other side of the world!!!  Now I just have to wait to receive my package from the swap, I've no idea where it is coming from and it's really quite exciting.  So I've said 'bye' to my mug rugs - the first time I've ever sent any of my quilting to another quilter, it's quite nerve wracking!  And I've said 'hello' to some new tricks, tips and styles.

I've enjoyed making these mug rugs, I've tried different quilting styles.  Different ways of piecing material, different colourways.  The binding was giving me a bit of headache but again it helped to have a few attempts to sort out what the problems were.

This is one of the 'not quite up to scratch' mug rugs I rejected for sending to my swap partner.  And my funky sock monster that I made too - he lives in my kitchen and his name is Loppy. 
We've had some other 'bye' and 'hello's this weekend.  This happy little man has been getting chatty - 'bye' started on Friday as we were leaving toddlers, a few people said bye to us and he just replied!  The same with hello, I answered the phone yesterday and then heard the wee man, who was walking at my feet go, 'ellooo'.

There was me last week starting to get paranoid that his speech wasn't so great and then over the weekend we've had a total of 3 new words in fact - bye, eye & hello!  I vow I will stop worrying about his development and just let him do things at his own pace.  He's is own little person and he does things his own way.  And I'm happy with that - really I am!


Lynz said...

I used to worry that Hol didn't talk - she could, she just didn't. In fact, we used to call her the incredible silent child! She started talking in full sentences when she was 2 and a half and hasn't shut up yet!!

Have fun stalking the postie for your parcel!

Michell said...

Thankyou for the mug rugs and the other goodies they were lovely