Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Scrappy Sparks

About a week ago I got an email from Sarah's Cards with an offer that was just too good to miss - a £75 grab box for £25!  Not one to pass up a bargain I grabbed at the chance to get one and I was lucky enough to get one before they all disappeared.  The concept is that all the boxes are different and you don't know what you get until it arrives.  So after stalking the postie for a few days, it arrived at the end of the week.  It's been an age since I have the joy of a pizza box being delivered and look at the goodies that were inside
 There is even a page all about boys!!  I couldn't have picked it even if I'd tried!?!?!
The purpose of buying this box is to spark my interest and creativity for paper based crafting as I have yet to make any scrapbook pages of my son - he's over 22 months and I've not made any scrapbook of him yet.  The rate I'm going I'll have forgotten all the little things before long.  It's definitely not for the lack of photos, I probably have thousands of his first year, not so much from his second year (that's what being back at work does for you). 

I've got lots of ideas running through my head - for scrapbook pages, for a couple of quilts for Euan, for FINALLY decorating our bedroom, for many, many things.  Just need to try to squeeze and few extra hours into every day to get it all done - easy eh!

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Lynz said...

That's weird, I was playing with scrapping stuff the other day - first time in a year! If you manage to pick up a time machine let me know and I'll split the cost with ya! *g*