Friday, 25 March 2011

You can't beat....

Book Crack by blogrodent
Book Crack, a photo by blogrodent on Flickr.

a good book. Well actually you can't beat a book, just a good old fashioned, ordinary paperbacked book.  I love the smell and feel of a book.  I bought an e-reader a while ago and I have read some books on it but I haven't read as much as I normally would have.  I don't dislike the reader, it's just not the same as having a book in your hands.  One of the first things I do if I'm stressed is read, be it a magazine or a book.  So yesterday I caved - I bought 3 books (you gotta love Waterstone's 3 for 2 deal!). 

Now just need to find the time to read them!!!

listening - to the 7am news on Radio 2 and laughing at the report that Elizabeth Taylor funeral might start 15 minutes later than the planned time as she always wanted to be late to her own funeral - a rocking attitude right to the end!
eating - a banana
drinking - mug of tea
wearing - pjyamas (christmas ones with penguins - they're too cosy to pack away just yet!)
feeling - a little tired but just about ready to face the day
weather - a bit dull but I'm hoping for sun like yesterday
wanting - to not have to work today (Friday's are normally my non-working day)
needing - to get showered and dressed!
thinking - I probably should have taken advantage of waking so early and done the ironing
wondering - how much I'll get out of the conference I'm going to today?

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