Thursday, 19 May 2011

Brit Quilt Swap

I've been playing about with some designs for my swap partner, I've got all their details with their likes and dislikes so I've got some ideas running round my head.  I've played about with the designs I posted the other day, which were my first drafts, and added some colour.

 This is a off centre shoofly block with pinwheel blocks round 2 sides. 
 This one is a half log cabin block repeated 4 times in a square.  I will not be using these colours, I was just playing about with felt tip pens.
The last one is flying geese with the middle row facing the opposite direction. 

I can't decide which one I like the best.  I'm tempted to make up all three and then see what I like the most.  

 I've been trying to make my garden look a bit more welcoming late, I do NOT have green fingers.  I have a tendency to kill plants, no matter what I do they end up dead!  So when I looked at these baskets this afternoon and I had pleasant surprise.  If you look closely at the fuschia there are little flower buds.  Look!
 Tiny little flowers nearly ready to bloom!  I planted up 4 different fuschias and this is the first one to show any signs of flowers so I'm really, really pleased :)  And this little orange pot takes me back to my childhood, it's got sunflowers growing in it - from seed!!  I planted them up, explaining to my little man what would happen so it's exciting to see them growing and seeing Euan taking an interest.  (ok, he just wants to water it ALL the time but he's still taking an interest).
I'm now off on holiday for a week and I'm looking forward to having time to relax, spend some decent time with my little man, my husband and get some sewing done stress free. 


Sarah@SewMe said...

I like your doodles when you posted them on flickr and love the top one here with the off centre shoofly and pinwheels - that'd make my day if I were your partner! Well done on all the ideas - enjoy your hols!

Flying Blind... said...

Happy holidays! x