Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Nice surprise

(or really dodgy memory, depends on how you look at it!)

I mentioned in this post that I was starting the Scrappy Round the World Trip quilt that blogland has been going crazy over for, well longer than I've known about it.  I'm always last on the scene with these things.  Anyhoo, I knew I'd chosen my fabrics, cut them into strips and had started to sew them together.  Now a little time had passed since I'd done that so I was CERTAIN that I still needed to sew the long strip together but when I finally got my butt in gear I discovered this .....

I've already done that (yay), (I've made one block just to get an idea in my head what my materials look like - it's VERY scrappy!)  Next was cutting the long strips/tubes into 2.5" strips/tubes and then unpick the short strips/tubes so that the blocks have the 'step' look.  Now that all the loops have been unpicked I need to sew them together.  That is tonight's task, well starting them.  Got 24 blocks to do and I seriously doubt I'll get them all sewn in one sitting.  Especially as they need pressed first and I've got to get the ironing stuff out then I really do the slightly large pile of ironing first.  At least then I can sew relatively guilt free!!!

My other minor obsession at the moment is Pinterest.  I (heart) Pinterest, doesn't everyone?  Currently my Pinterest obsession is the quotes section.  Some of them are funnies, some of them are motivational, some of them are inspirational.  I'm planning that I'll share one on every blog post.  (I was going to say daily, but really who am I kidding thinking I'm going to blog every day, need to be realistic here!?!?!)  So here's today's little bit of wisdom. 
Go on imagine it.  It works if you are upset or really annoyed, you'll laugh I promise.


Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Love the quote! And you've reminded me I must finish my scrappy trip. It's been half quilted for months!

Lynz said...

*sniggering* Poor Mr T-Rex! I can't wait to see your scrappy trip along; the scrappier the better, I say!