Friday, 14 June 2013

Starting over

This week I rejoined Weight Watchers (again!).  Not really with the goal of losing baby weight, if I'm honest I've pretty much lost the majority of that, aside from about 4lbs.  No, I haven't really been at a healthy weight for some time (read that as most of my adult life - I can pretty much pinpoint the exact time frame where weight became an issue but that's a tale for another day).  So this time I've joined with a different goal in mind that previous attempts - wedding, to not feel as frumpy, blah, blah.  No this time I'm looking at the long term health aspect of being as overweight as I currently am.  I am very much like my mum's side of the family and very conscious that this side has had significant health issues and don't live particularly long (my mum passed at 48, her mum at 66 & her dad at 56).  It's probably a bit of a morbid view on things, but although all the health issues have been unrelated, I do believe that we follow a bit of certain path in life, healthwise, and that path is affected by your mother's family history.  Whereas my dad's side of the family go on for ever (he's about to turn 70 and still works in a supermarket bakery 24 hours a week, his mum was 82 when she passed and his dad was 6 weeks off 94 when he died last year).  So I am determined, not only to lose weight successfully in the long term, but also increase my overall fitness.  Getting out with Little Miss in the pram and walking the Dude to and from nursery is helping to build up my basic level of fitness, especially as there is a hill between us and the school, but I need to do more. 

So with that in mind I am giving serious consideration to doing the Edinburgh MoonWalk next year.  I've done it once before, the full 26.2 miles, and it was hard but I probably only did 6 months worth of training.  If I start now, and encourage a few friends to do it will me, that's all the motivation I need.  The icing on the cake is raising money for Walk the Walk charity, who are funding the building of new Maggie's Cancer Care centre at our new local hospital, which is due to open next year.  Oh yeah and I'm 40 at the end of next year and want to tick a few things of my mental 'do before 4-0' list :)

With all this in mind, this quote rings very true for me today

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Lynz said...

Gaun yersel', Biff!! The fitness thing crosses my mind sometimes but the Moonwalk is not for me - I'll sponsor you, though!

We were chatting yesterday about how your outlook changes as you get older. From "please don't let me get old and stupid" to "PLEASE let me get old and stupid!!"