Thursday, 30 July 2009

Different Perspective

I love this song and baring in mind the tone of the rest of her album, I took this song to be about a relationship breakdown and everything that goes along with that.

However, a friend recently told me that someone they knew used this song at their mother's funeral. Sadly their mother had passed away at a very young age and very, very suddenly. Having also lost my mum at a ridiculously young age (48) I can empathise with my friend's friend. I was driving along the road today listening to this song and I was virtually unable to see where I was going. The words really do fit the situation and I definitely have a different perspective about the meaning of this song now.

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Lynz said...

Have you found most love songs could be about children since becoming a Mum? I was thinking just yesterday what a great walking -down-the-aisle song Elbow's One Day Like This would be. I love song perspectives.

P.S. Oh, yeah, a third perspective? Pink says that particular song is about a loss of friendship. *strokey beard* Bet you really listen to it again now!! And {{{hugs}}} from me. xox