Thursday, 14 October 2010

Autumnal Cleaning?

I never seem to quite get round to spring cleaning every year, it's more like autumnal cleaning in this house!  We got our new kitchen floor about 2 weeks ago , so it no longer looks like this
it looks like this

And I've been powerwashing - how much fun is power washing???  Our patio is looking 1000% better than before.  I was filthy by the time I'd finished but the patio was clean.

I've also been working on this, my friend's daughter is due her baby any minute now and they're on team yellow so I've gone for greens, blues, yellows, purple and some polka dots.  I bought some lurvely brushed cotton for the backing so just need to cut the backing, do some simple quilting then bind it.  Should get it done over the weekend no probs.  Just need to hope the baby holds on until it's ready!

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