Friday, 15 October 2010


I'm sooooo relieved it's Friday.  Work is mad at the moment, tons of stuff going on and very few people to do it.  Monday seems like it was a light year away!?!?  If only the dude was school age and I'd have had a decent excuse to get a holiday but at this rate it could be christmas before I get any real days off.  Although I do have a plan that will increase my time at home.  I'm going to trial a change in working pattern throughout November - instead of going into work 5 days a week, I'm going to try out 3 full days and 1 half day.  It will mean I should finish at 12.30 on a Thursday and not start again til Monday morning, I'll have a long weekend - EVERY weekend!  Well if it all goes to plan and the work agree to it - fingers crossed.

My Friday night is currently being spent catching up with all the tv I've recorded this week - Neighbours (somebody has pushed Paul Robinson off the mezzaine - shock! horror!); Strictly - It Takes Two - Ann Widdecombe is doing the quick step tomorrow, it'll be hilarious :); currently watching Private Practice and I think I've missed a week cos I'm confused about what is going on. 

The other night I subscribed to Fat Quarterly and it's great.  I got the holiday special emailed today and I want to rush off and make ALL of it! Right NOW!

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